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Can Debut theme support advanced filters for a vintage clothing store?

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Hi, so i am about to run a vintage clothing store and i will have pretty high stock so i need filter option to my page, so customer may tick specific brand/color/size etc.

Is it possible for debut theme to make sidebar like that? I am absolutely not into programming so i rather looking for any kind of app where i could make my own filters and then link specific items to them. Can you help my out with any budget solution?


Thanks in advance

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Hey there @RetroMarche ,

Welcome to the community.

Here are your possible options to achieve the desired functionality

1) Use a theme with such options.

2) Use Apps like


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Hi! Searchly is a free Shopify app that lets you add search filters to your store. Fully customizable too! I highly recommend it.

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Hi Lillian and @RetroMarche 


I am looking to achieve a similar result but it looks like searchily doesn't appear to be available.  Is this something you have encountered too?


Thank you