Can I build a custom front-page on Shopify without a template theme?

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can I make a Shopify front-page website without using the template theme?

I started building recently, but I feel like there is a significant lack of freedom when making a store page. 


I cannot even move the text box wherever I want, or the way that pictures are overlapped, placed, etc. 

If I select a certain theme to start with, the structure is totally locked with the template and I cannot edit in the way I want.

I found similar questions but all the answers were "Why do you need to change? Shopify makes it easy to build for anyone" blah blah all of which are AI-generated answers.


If it is not possible to freely create a website with Shopify, is it possible to build one on another platform, and connect to Shopify only for the shop page? If so, is there any instruction for such an operation?


Thank you

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