Can I change menus on different pages in one account?

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Hi 🙂


I am very new to Shopify. I have experience with Wordpress.

My head-scratching issue is that I want to be able to change Menus on different pages.

The shop is going to be set up as follows:

Main Landing page (Index) (Main Menu)
Shop 1 - Landing page 1 (Menu1)
Shop 2 - Landing page2 (Menu2)

Is there a solution to this as we are not interested in having multiple accounts to obtain this as we want to maintain sales under one account.

Hope you can help me 

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In Shopify, you can create and manage multiple menus to display different menus on different pages of your store. Here's how you can achieve this:

  1. Create additional menus: In your Shopify admin, go to "Online Store" > "Navigation" and click on "Add menu" to create new menus. You can create as many menus as you need for your different pages.

  2. Customize your theme: Each theme in Shopify has its own structure and options for menu placement. You'll need to access the theme customization settings to assign different menus to specific pages.

  3. Assign menus to specific pages: Once you're in the theme customization settings, look for options related to menu placement or navigation. Depending on your theme, you may find options like "Header menu," "Footer menu," or "Primary navigation." From there, you can select the menu you want to display on each specific page.

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Hi and thanks for your reply 🙂

Unfortunately the solution is not as easy as you suggest. If you change the Menu in a page while being in the "Theme Customize" (Dawn template) the Menu will also change on the home page (index).

I believe the solution is to do some hard coding in the theme editor. But I do not know where and how.

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i’m using origin theme , so how do you assign your subcategory menu to a specific collection page like women’s shoes / high heels/ running shoes/ sandals/casual as an example and will it show up on mobile or do i need a different theme to do this …. the menu i have don’t have option to have a third tier 

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Hi @kris66 ,


Please refer to the below video to implement different navigation collection wise.


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