Can I search products by the theme template it is using?

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I am migrating to product-specific templates, but early on, I was using generic templates.

Now it is a challenge to find out what products are assigned to a template. In the theme editor, when I select a product template to work on, it shows 'assigned to 98 products'. How do I see that list of 98 products I have assigned to that template? I would prefer not having to scrub through products individually to find the stragglers after I do a bulk change to specific templates.

If there is a filter in the product listings, I haven't been able to find it.



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Very frustrating to see this was not answered; I am looking for the same thing.

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A roundabout way that I've been able to see which products are using a certain page template is in the Theme Editor.
On that particular template, in the sidebar near the top there's a "Preview" block and there's the linked text "Change."
If you click that, you can toggle to the "Assigned" tab and see all the products using this template.