Can supply theme support complementary product recommendations?

Can supply theme support complementary product recommendations?

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We are using SUPPLY theme.


We are looking to add Complementary product recommendations on the product pages but we can't see this built into the supply theme. Is it not supported on supply theme like more modern shopify themes?

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this  can be  handled through the   search and discovery app but would need code  to allow the  the related  or complementary product  in the theme  editor  



If this fixed your issue, likes and accepting as a solution are highly appreciated.

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hi @EcomGraduates i have this app Shopify Search & Discovery for trade theme how i can add a colloction to all products to add as complementary in the app Shopify Search & Discovery I have so many product to my store like 200 or so it is pain to add one by one I was thing is there any way I cake select some product and they show on complementary section on the product page I sell wallpapers and I also have tools for applying wallpapers so how can I add the tools as a complementary product