Can't see products under collection in my online store, what to do?

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Hi there,

Today I face new issues in the Shopify store.


As usual, I did create a collection and under the collection put the product tag after that I create a menu and add the collection to the menu and we can see Menu in the store. But today it's not working. On my website, I can't see any products under the collection.


The collection page shows a message. Need to update the menu. But I don't understand how can I update my menu. 




I did add the product tag {Health and beauty} under the "Health and Beauty" collection and added the collection to the Menu. In the backend, I did everything perfectly but In the website doesn't show any products. Have a look...


Collection page...



Website View...



On the other hand, When I customization the theme and add the collection the products also don't show the website. 



Can anyone help me out? 


I need help regarding this issue. I am waiting for your valuable response from your side. Thanks

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Hello Tanvir,

Your collection creation process is perfect.

Can you attach your collection with Menu ??

Here you see Note : "update menu" - It because you made same name collection.

Please go to menu and link your collection with menu.


Please go to navigation and select your menu and re-link the collection.



Please check once -- If its work or not.
Thank You 

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Hi Nayan,

I did use the different collection names but it's not working. I don't understand why the collection page gives me a message for "update menu".  


I can't show my collection of products on my website under the menu. I don't understand what should I do. 

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I did add my collection to my menu. But on the website, my products are not visible. Can you help me out regarding these issues? 

I see a message on the collection page. It says to update your menu. Have a look...


I don't understand how can I update my menu. 


I did create my collection perfectly but it's not linked to the menu. 



After save the collection



When go to my store under the Health Beauty menu does not see any products.



I am tired with find out the issue regarding updating the menu.


Please help me out.