Cannot Remove Custom Item from cart. Halp.

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Good Day All,
I am in need of help.  We had a developer build a site for us and is no longer maintaining the site.  Im learning as we go, so be gentle lol.

When this custom item is added to the cart, it cannot be removed.  But others can.  Please, any advice is appreciated. 

Here is the custom product.


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Hi @WLB_MIKE  If you need this customization debugged, or outright removed, then contact me directly for services by mail by clicking here , or Contact Info in signature.
Please always provide context, examples: store url, theme name, post url(s) , or any further detail.


An account required to use the site,  regardless do you mean it doesn't show a remove button when in the cart?

Did something recently change such as an app installed or other code change, because otherwise what business logic would make the developer make it so customer can add a product but cannot remove it.

That behavior is generally only done for things like bundle, or free products, etc where the fixed product requires some other product in the cart and it should be automatically removed when the other item, or no other items, are no longer in the cart.



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