Cannot turn off email sign up pop-up.

Cannot turn off email sign up pop-up.

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I am experiencing a lot of frustration trying to turn off an email sign up pop-up on my client's shopify site. It isn't related to any template because I have tried new ones and the pop up still exists. She said she has tried to delete it as well and was never able to make any progress on it. I do not know what to try except deleting all of her apps and really trimming the site down to basics, and I do not know where in the code this might reside. Is there a way to delete it? It pops up over and over when I am simply trying to change the template design, and I have no idea where to go to turn this thing off. 

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Hey @nickyboy24 

Did you have a link to the website for further inspection of the code? Is it possibly coming from somewhere like klaviyo or another app similar to this? 

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