Cart upsell as a separate section (Debutify Theme)

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I am unable to add cart upsell as a separate section on my cart page in debutify theme. Furthermore, please guide how to change the background of the cart upsell. Thanks. 

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Hi there,


Thanks for reaching out!


Cart Upsell is part of the cart itself, so it can't be exactly extracted as it's own section. However, if you want to activate Cart Upsell itself, make sure to activate the add-on first via your Debutify account > add-ons:


Once done, head over to theme editor, and add Cart Upsell block:


From Cart Upsell block settings, you will need to setup trigger and offer products:



As for custom CSS colors, please reach out to use via our chat support, or Note that for custom CSS, you would need to be on one of our paid plans. 


Hope that helps! 


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