Cart upsell on dawn theme without a app.

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Do you have any suggestions on how to create a cart upsell on the dawn theme without a app. Preferably one that can use the frequently bough together collection.

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Hello @Simon_A ,


You can try to follow these steps:

Go to Online Store -> Themes -> Actions -> Edit code

Go to Sections -> cart-template.liquid file or something name similar to this

Within the cart items section, add the following code where you want the upsell to appear:

{% if collection_handle == 'frequently-bought-together' %}
  <!-- Upsell content here -->
{% else %}
  <!-- Display "Frequently Bought Together" products as upsell -->
  <div class="upsell-products">
    <h3>Frequently Bought Together:</h3>
    {% for product in collections['frequently-bought-together'].products %}
      <!-- Display each product from the "Frequently Bought Together" collection -->
      <div class="upsell-product">
        <a href="{{ product.url }}" title="{{ product.title }}">
          <img src="{{ product.featured_image.src }}" alt="{{ product.title }}">
          <h4>{{ product.title }}</h4>
          <p>{{ product.price | money }}</p>
    {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

Save and test


Hope this can help. Let us know if you need any further support.

Ali Reviews team.

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Hi @AliReviews thank you but there's no cart-template.liquid on dawn theme