Center an object in liquid

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Is there a tag in liquid that will center and object, or center some text or center anything I've looked extensively and haven't found any answers.

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Finally found it "<center> (object) </center>" works on some stuff. Some thing this simple should not have been this difficult to find

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where do you embed it within the code you want to center?

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Hi @Michael40 ,

Centering an element is not the job of the liquid but of CSS. Here is how you can do it.

Go to the liquid file where you've the element to be centered for example you have  a paragraph tag (<P></P>) inside a div tag (<div></div>) and you want to center it.

Just add the following class to the paragraph tag <p class-"cm_center"></p>

Now go to theme.scss.liquid and add the following code 

.cm_center {
text-align: center; //If it's a text element
//If it's not a text element like paragraph then
width: 50px; //You can change the width
margin: auto;

Let me know if you need any help.

Cheers :))

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This solution worked for me!!!! Thank you!!!

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Hi, Michael. 

I'm trying to get my datepicker to center in my screen and have it mandatory before a customer can check out. Can you help me with this? I see solutions but nothing seems to work, but I might be putting the code in the wrong place. It works great, just off to the left instead of centered.