Center The Logo With Menu Links On Both Sides Using Dawn Theme

Center The Logo With Menu Links On Both Sides Using Dawn Theme

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I'm trying to find a solution that would move my menu links to either side of my logo using the Dawn theme. At the moment, all links are on the left hand side only. I would like two menu links to the left of the logo and two menu links to the right of the logo. 



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Hey Darkdamo,


This would definitely require custom coding to achieve. You'd essentially have to re-code the way the header works, which probably wouldn't be as simple as just copy-and-pasting something into your theme. 


You'd probably need to have a coder handle this for you. You could hire an Expert/Partner from this page: 


However, the cost for this would probably be similar to the price of just purchasing a premium theme (that already has this built into it). You can view demos of themes (before committing to purchasing them) so that you can see which features/settings are built into the theme. 


Off the top of my head, I know that the Flex theme ( has this functionality built into it. 


If you browse the Shopify theme store (, I'm sure you'll find other themes that have this as well. 


I hope the above helps point you in the right direction! 🙂




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hi @darkdamo 

It could be done using the custom code,

have to break the menus in 2 parts and then, have to do custom code to add meus left and right of the logo.

it will took 3-4 hours using custom code.

Please let me know if need any help from my end.

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