Change appearance of image with text section

Change appearance of image with text section

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Hi Everyone,


How can i customize or edit the image with text section in such a way that it looks like the exmaple below, so the width is smaller and in a grid/box. 



Image 20-06-2024 at 13.16.jpegImage 20-06-2024 at 13.16.jpeg

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@lunalucenteskin - on which page do you have the section in screenshot?

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Hi @lunalucenteskin 


The easiest way would probably be through adding custom CSS into the component itself in the theme settings. When you select on your Image with Text component you should see the custom CSS drop-down on the right of your screen.

If you want the component to always have your styling and be reusable in other pages, then I would suggest editing the CSS in your stylesheet itself.

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