Change background color of collapsible rows

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Hi there,


I added a new page to my faq section (, and I am wondering why it doesn't look like the other ones...


Old (goal): 



I think a while ago I changed something about the layout to get more space between the sections and change the background. When I go to Edit Theme (Dawn), the old and new section both have the same color scheme selected. Yet, the new page doesn't "accept" it. 


What can I do or where is the error that the new page looks like the old ones?


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@isabellemaria  hey using color-scheme-1 
and the other is color-scheme-2
so I think you should use one of color options for both

You can use these steps if this solution is helpful to you please like and "Accept the solution".
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Yes this is my problem! I selected "Color scheme 1" for BOTH of them but on the website it shows up differently! My question is why and also how can I get more space between the boxes?