Change button color back to scheme colors

Change button color back to scheme colors

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I'm having a bit of an issue. I hired a designer for the initially design of my website. Now I wanted to change the colors a bit and somehow the buttons are not compatible with the Scheme editor. Can someone please help me figure out how to get these buttons back to the normal colors? All of the buttons are the same.Screen Shot 2024-07-07 at 11.42.25 AM.jpg


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Hi @staci836 

Check this one. 

  1. From you Admin page, go to Online Store > Themes
  1. Select the theme you want to edit
  2. Under the Asset folder, open the main.css(base.css, style.css or theme.css)
  3. Then place the code below at the very bottom of the file.


.button, .shopify-challenge__button, .customer button, button.shopify-payment-button__button--unbranded {
    background: black;


  • And Save,
  • result:
  • Made4uoRibe_0-1720389235791.png


If this fixed your issue Likes and Accept as Solution is highly appreciated. Coffee tips fuels my dedication.
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