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Change Button Hover Color on "Taste" Theme

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Hey there, we are using the free "Taste" theme and were wondering if someone could help us to change the hover color of ATC button. We can't seem to find the right spot in the code and what to insert there. 


Help very much appreciated. Thanks!


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Hey @wineloverXXX 


Thanks for your question and you have reached the German community here where we can chat auf Deutsch too.


So you would like to change the hover colour of the add-to-cart button on the product page. A few more details may be important here such as whether this is a branded or unbranded Buy-Button? I checked that in my own Taste test theme and there isn't any theme editor setting for this and so we may need to look into the code of a copy of the Taste theme. Have you already created a "sandbox" test-copy of the theme where you can play around in the code? This may be useful in case you also want to perform other code changes in the theme. Don't forget though that too much code changing can result in a loss of page loading speed. Our Shopify Themes are designed for extremely fast page loading usually sub-2 or 1 seconds.


One thing you can do there is try adding a code like the following to the base.css (please test any code changes in a theme copy first, not in the live theme!) but it's not sure if it will work. You can change the following code around until it works, like the colour hex codes below to suit the desired colour:


background-color: #c31c8885!important;
color: #ffffff;


Then there are some excellent online resources such as the W3Schools website where you can learn how to change the hover colour of any of your buttons or even texts or menu items in the base.css.


Since this is a Shopify theme and you are on a paid plan then we can look at this as part of your 60-Min Design Time. Send us an email here ( and our theme team will be able to look at it but before you do please read below:


Although Shopify Support is able to support a wide range of basic customizations with Shopify themes, keep in mind that Shopify can't help with any theme that has already been modified in the code as well as tasks like the following:

  • Editing the checkout.
  • Customizing or troubleshooting themes that contain significant code changes.
  • Installing, removing, or modifying third-party apps (apps not developed by Shopify).
  • Customizing or troubleshooting third-party code (code not developed by Shopify, including code from experts and forums).
  • Customizing or troubleshooting content added via the rich text editor.
  • Adding new fonts.
  • Editing images (including cropping, adjusting color profiles, removing backgrounds, etc.)
  • Implementing changes that provide misleading or deceptive information to customers.
  • Custom translation services (including order printer and e-mail notification templates).

Let me know if you have any other questions on that!


Gabe | Social Care @ Shopify
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