Change colour and wording of 'Inventory status' block when sold out but continuing to sell

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Hello, my question is about the 'Inventory status' block on product pages.  I am using Dawn theme.

I have some products which when out of stock stock, I allow customers to continue to purchase.  At the moment, the inventory block displays a green light and 'In stock' (if I state zero Low inventory threshold). 

For these products which are out of stock but for which I allow continued purchase, I would like the block to change to an amber light, and for the text to read 'Made to order'.  For products which are out of stock and I don't allow customers to continue purchasing, I would like a red light and for the text to read 'Out of stock'.

The status should change when different variables are selected and the different variable has a different status.

Is this achievable and if so what theme code to I need to edit, or what custom liquid code can I use? Many thanks.


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I'm also looking for solution to change the colour when 'continue selling when out of stock' items are out of stock (from green to yellow).

About the text, I think you can change it from the language settings, go to 'Edit default theme content'