Change Dynamic Buy Button to Just "Buy it Now" on Product Page

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Hi there,

On all product pages. How do I change the it to just say "Buy It Now" rather than "Buy with Google Pay" / "Buy with PayPal" etc. I am using the Sense theme if that helps.

I simply want an "Add to Cart" button and a "Buy It Now" that is it. Where by the "Buy It Now" button would take them straight to checkout page.

I have tried to disable the dynamic buttons but that removes the "Buy It Now" button completely.

Here is a link to a product page for you to check out.

I hope there is someone that can help out there, it is driving me crazy.

Many thanks

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Hi @PersonalisedKM , from your admin choose Edit default theme content :


the search for the phrase you want to change and edit it.

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Hi there,

Apologies but it isn't the phrase that I want to change. Shopify automatically selects what to display there. I don't want it to do that, I just need a buy it now button.