Change icon on product detail page (Avone Theme)

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i want to change the paper plane Icon on my product page. 


I found this page:

But when i change <i class="ad ad-paper-l-plane"></i> with any of the provided icons on the website, it doesn't work. I've tried it in the product-template.liquid.


Any idea how i can change the icon?


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Hi @TamaraW ,

It seems you might be using <i class="ad ad-paper-l-plane"></i>, but it should be <i class="at at-paper-l-plane"></i>. Please make sure to use the correct class for the desired icon.

I checked by this.

Hope! This will helps you.

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Hi @TamaraW 

The code should be like below to make it works

<i class="at at-paper-l-plane"></i> 


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Sorry, i think my test was misleading.


I want to change the paper plane icon to e.g. at-truck-l

Therefore i've opened the product-template-liquid in the code of the theme. Searched the place where the code of the paper plane is and changed it to at-truck-l.


But the only thing which happens is that the icon disappear completely. 

It seems like the code is only able to interpret the already existing icon codes. Cause when i change the paper plane to a heart (it's the icon of the wishlist), the heart icon will be shown.


Here is a screenshot of the section where i want to change the icon.


And this is what it looks like, when i change the code to the truck:


And when i change it to the heart which you can see also on the left: