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This might be a big ask but i need help on the following:


I want it to be one product image at a time and for the image to be full width so it start from te left and theres no gap to the left and it finishes in the middle. 


I then want the product info such as name, price, buttons etc so be centered in the middle of the right half of the website.


So left half of product page is image. Right side is product info but centered like the represent one.


Also how can i change size of the add to cart button etc


My current website:




How I want my website to look:




Any help is appreciated.


Many thanks


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Hi @maniuk 


This is Richard from PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App


Please add this code to your theme.liquid above the </head> to get this solved

Step 1: Online Stores > Themes > More Actions > Edit code

Step 2: click on theme.liquid and paste the code above the </head>

    .product--large:not(.product--no-media) .product__media-wrapper,.product--large:not(.product--no-media) .product__info-wrapper {
        max-width: 50% !important;
        width: 50%  !important;
padding: 0;
.product__info-wrapper.grid__item.scroll-trigger.animate--slide-in {
    display: flex;
    justify-content: center;




Also your product page looks nice however for me you should highlight the price and also add the 'Urgent - next day delivery'



The idea is to show an element of urgency to motivate people to receive the product sooner. For example: having a countdown timer (or cut-off time of day) by when an order has to be placed so that the item is received by the next day.


Hope this can help you solve the issue 


Best regards,

Richard | PageFly

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Thank you for the quick help.


Sorry, my old theme was published not my new prestige theme. 


Please can you try now with my new theme?


Password is: MZK0503


Also I don't want any thumbnail previews like those smaller little pictures.


Just a 1 big image like this website:


You see how their layout is half image and then half product info and the image is just one picture and you can scroll down for more


Many thanks.