Re: change of language changes variant picker and makes it unable to be changed in theme customizati

change of language changes variant picker and makes it unable to be changed in theme customization

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on my store ( - pass:blabla) I use theme Focal.


I had the product page already setup, I want to have variant images in the variant picker like this:


But once I switched to the Czech language as the default language, the variant picker is showing only color names as text:



In theme customization, once I change the variant picker to "variant image" it doesn't make any changes and it still shows only color names.

It does this only with other languages than English, do you have any suggestions on how I can force it to show variant images even in the Czech language?


Btw. in the code it shows that "color_mode": "variant_image",

Any suggestions are highly appreciated.


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it has something to do with translation in Translate & Adapt app.


There is a Color field and once I change it to "Barva" (correct word for color in Czech language), then it works as supposed, when saved the product variants are correctly showed with their variant images:




BUT, in translate & adapt I can do this only by manually translating all individual products, which would take forever.


Are you able to identify how I managed to screw this up and how I can easily fix it?

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So I think I figured out a cause and possible solution.


Our store uses POD provider, so products are imported via API.

Each product has variants - "Color", "Size".


The Focal theme has a localization JSON for Czech language, in the JSON it specifies that the variant category has its own translation - "Barva" for "Color" and "Velikost" for "Size".


When I set the Czech language as default language, theme thinks that variants should now be under "Barva" and "Velikost", but the name "Size" and "Color" were imported from the POD provider.


When I change the Variant name to its Czech word manualy the variant picker works as supposed.


I´m not sure if this makes sense to you and I am not sure if there is any easier solution, but its now 2nd day since I reached to the Theme creator and since I have no other solution I will implement this, so the store can resume functioning correctly.






There is one downside to this. I canno find any way how to have the name of variant translated. So if I change the variant name in product setup, then it shows this name on both Czech and English version of the site. So either English version will have the variant name in Czech, or Czech version will have the name in English.


If you have a solution how to have theme working and have it translated to each language, then please let me know how to do it.

Thank you!


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Did you find any solution?