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Hi I'm trying to change the description text for different variants of my product. I have two different variants but each variant includes different items so I want to be able to have different text in the description/what's included text. My website is and I'm using Impact Theme. 

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To have dynamic descriptions per variant you will either need to pay for an app or customize your theme.

Though some themes may re-render the product-information section when a variant changes which can let you use metafields directly to achieve this.

In the admin for the content try making a test variant metafield definition holding a test description.

Then in the theme reference the variant metafield with a custom liquid block i.e. {{ product.selected_variant.metafields.content.description }}


Though in most themes this info wont update when the variant is changed , so theyneed both liquid and javascript customizations.


If you need this customization built for you then contact me by my email for services, or DM me(slower).
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ALWAYS please provide context, examples: store url, theme name, post url(s) , or any further detail in ALL correspondence.


Good Luck.



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It could be easier to split your product into 2 separate products and implement product variations as per 

As seen in demo store at 


Because these would be separate products you'd be able to configure their product page templates with different texts.



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Hi @epoll24,

The Easify Product Options app offers a couple of solutions that might interest you 🤗:

  1. Utilize the app's Advanced conditional logic to display different descriptions based on the Shopify variants selected by customers. You can create the descriptions using the Paragraph option type. Here's a sample:



Simple settings:





  1. Alternatively, you can split your existing products into 2 separate ones, each with its own description. Then, leverage the Option URL feature in the app to establish cross-product links between them. This way, on the product page, it appears as if customers are switching between regular Shopify variants, but in reality, they're transitioning between different products. Here's an example:




Let me know which approach you prefer, and I can guide you through the setup. Alternatively, reach out to the Easify team via the in-app live chat for assistance.

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