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I would like to know, how i change the background of those items.....




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I want to be background ( WHITE )




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can you please shear your store URL? and password



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Hello @guga2019rpro 

Its Artzen Technologies! We will be happy to help you today.


Please provides us the page Url and password (if store password is enabled) , so that we can analyse the problem .

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Hello @guga2019rpro 


Once you Log in to the Admin, then process the following steps:


Step 1: Go to Dashboard ->Online Store ->Theme-> Action->Edit code->

Step 2: Search the file theme.css/base.css

Step 3: Paste the below CSS at bottom of the file -> Save


background: #fff !important;





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Hello @guga2019rpro


You can change the background color by adding a custom CSS code.


Note - You are advised to seek any Shopify experts or developers' help if you are not well-versed with Shopify code.


Please follow the below steps to do the same. 


  • Go to Shopify admin > online stores > select your theme.
  • Edit code > Open base.css from the assets folder.
  • Paste the above code at the end of your file and save it.


Please find the code below. 


.contact .field__input{

   background: #fff !important;



Let us know if you need any further help. 


All the best. 


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