Change the button border color (Dawn 11.0.0.)

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Hello, everyone!


I'm currently using the Dawn 11.0.0 theme for my website, and I've come across a persistent issue: the button border color remains black regardless of my attempts to change it using custom CSS or the theme settings.


I would greatly appreciate any help in resolving this problem!


Link: Custom Watercolor Cat Portrait – DRAWandCARE






It doesn't even change when I try to round the button:


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You have to put it like this in the css file:

.button.button--primary {
    border-color: #46ff00;
    border: solid 1px;
    color: black;
    background-color: white;

Good luck @DRAWandCARE ! 

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Thank you for your help! However, I need to remove this black border from the button. It's very noticeable that it remains despite any custom css interventions when I make the button rounder.
Maybe it's some problem in the core code of the theme?


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