Changing and Choosing a better Shopify theme

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Hi everyone, 


I am currently have Shopify Pipeline theme, which has been working well so far. However, I consider our theme needs a better design and a better UX customer experience.  I want a self-sufficient website. I am thinking either, changing my theme for Dawn or just asking for a customization of my current theme, which will involve a change of coding I guess. I am afraid to depend on the company that does the customize, it means that each time I want to make a change I have to request another service from them. My goal is to have a self-sufficient store as we have so far.

Could someone help me with some recommendations?



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Hi @Andreina2 You need to specify what your exact needs that you are looking into a theme, so that I can specify you the themes that can fulfil most of your needs, because themes in shopify as available according to different needs of customer. As a self-sufficient have different definition for different customer.


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