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Changing Cart Layout - (Refresh Theme)

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This one may be a bit long winded and complicated however I am trying to make my cart page product section  ( look similar to the section on the cart drawer on my other store (


1) Bin/remove icon is positioned on the right and in line with the product title

2) Price underneath the product title is removed

3) Product options (Telegram Username and Subscription type etc) is in a slighty smaller font size than the product title

4) Quantity selector remains positioned beneath product options text 

5) Product total price is displayed in line with quantity selector on the right and is in bold font weight

6) Product image is centred in line with all the text rather than being stuck to the top like it currently is

7) It looks flush on both desktop and mobile view


Thanks in advance to whoever decides to attempt to help me with this haha!

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This is code customization work!


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