Changing color of the shopping card in various pages

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Hello there!

I want to change the background color of the shopping card button to the following color: #CE2D4F


I managed to do so in the collection pages by adding the following code to base.css 


.quick-add__submit {
background-color: #ce2d4f;
color: #f6e7f2;


However, when clicking on other pages (Product page or shopping card) the color is still the old one.  How can I fix this? 


Also if it is not that complicated, would it be possible to change the color to a light grey when the product is sold out? 


The link to the website is the following:


Thank you

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button.product-form__submit {
    background-color: #ce2d4f;
    color: #f6e7f2;

Here is how

Stefan Momcilovic
Founder of StefansWeb