Changing gaps between desktop elements. Debut theme

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Hi everyone,

I have just moved over to the debut theme and have a few questions about how to change around a few special elements. 

mobile view:

I have attached a photo of the mobile view and was wanting to reduce the size of the gaps. 

Desktop view:

the desktop view has no space between elements. Is there ways to create a slight gap? I have also attached a photo. 

I have also attached a photo of desired gap width  

I would appreciate any help  




1D8BD4A1-F218-43A4-B696-CE7CE781EFD6.pngDesktop view 

A1CB8D32-F18E-4844-8BD6-EC1D8D714107.pngMobile view


 Desired spacing size 

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Hi. Thanks for getting back to me!

I managed to fix the mobile gaps, however the subscribe to mailing list (want the latest) and element above are now to close together (as shown in photo)  

I have no managed to alter the website view.
The link is






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Me again,
i have now fixed all elements on mobile view. It’s now just the desktop view gaps. I’ve also found the images stretches across the page. Is there any solution for creating borders on the sides to stop images from stretching right to the edges? 

i appreciable any assistance provided!