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hello I was wondering if I could get help so that when I click on a different colour variant it would take me to the link of the other product that is the different colour or a way that I could get it to show more that the one photo for the coloured variant for the photos of the different coloured product which is black within the same link.


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Hi @flfsalm,

You can enhance your product presentation using Easify Product Options app to establish cross-product links among items of varying colors. This feature seamlessly mimics the Shopify Color variant switch on the product page, enabling users to navigate effortlessly between products in different colors 🤗.

For example:



Here's a step-by-step guide:

  • Create individual products for each color variation (e.g., White T-shirt & Black T-shirt), featuring Size options exclusively and omitting Color options.

  • Install the app and create a new option set tailored for the White T-shirt product. Add a Color option using Image Swatches or Color Swatches. Integrate option values for Black and White. Activate the Option URL feature and enter the URLs linking to the White & Black T-shirt products for their respective option values. Set "White" as the default selected option value. Lastly, associate the option set with the "White T-shirt" product.






  • Duplicate the option set for the White T-shirt, adjust the default selected option value, and assign the product accordingly to create a corresponding option set for the Black T-shirt.



If you encounter any confusion, feel free to reach out to me directly, or connect with the Easify team via the in-app live chat for prompt assistance.

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