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Today I changed my theme from Debut to Dawn. And my question is this has some effect on SEO?


If so, what should I do to improve my ranking, or reset the SEO?


Maybe there is some setting in the Google Search Console what I need to change or do?


Thank you in advance!

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Hi @hodiniki,


if you haven't done changes to your content or to the structure of your site (e.g. collections, products, pages, etc.) then all of the SEO settings should remain the same (titles, meta descriptions, content...).

However, some themes use e.g. different heading hierarchy (h1, h2, h3...,), or I've also encountered that alt text weren't rendering – but this was a case of paid theme and there have been some significant customizations made so this could have caused the problem. 


All in all, I think you're alright. You can use any SEO tool to check the score of your site's SEO (and in this way find out if there are any issues). Plus, if you've e.g. edited any content, you can also request recrawling in GSC.


Hope this helps!

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@Niki_K Thank you, yes it helps me a lot.