Checkout Links with Discounts don't work 100% of the time

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Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same problem.

We've been using this feature  for many years, to apply custom discounts to our customers. Recently it started working hap-hazardly without rhyme or reason.


Meaning it will randomly not work for our customers. And then work again a few hours later.  It's also hard to duplicate - we tried different computers, locations, providers, browsers, etc.  If I was the only one experiencing it, would be ok, but we had multiple reports from different customers, for whom the discount didn't work. Which means we have to re-process their orders, and do refunds, etc.  Basicly this seems to be almost like a backend bug. 

I've had a ticket with Shopify support for 2+ weeks, and except for a generic "use automatic discounts not manual ones", didn't get much help. They basicly say this shouldn't be possible (as in feature doesn't exist) or it works as expected ( despite me sending them a screen recording showing it doesn't work).

Even thou Shopify's OWN documention explains how it supposed to work.  In multiple places.


Basicly I should be able to

And it should be automaticlly applied in Checkout, without customer having to type anything in or remember their discount.

Alternatively you should be able to aslo pass an input from cart "form" to checkout, and it should also be applied.



<input name="discount" value="SPECIAL_UNIQ_DISCOUNT"> 




We;ve used both approached for AGES, and they are documented, but I can't get Shopify Support to even admit, let alone escalte to engineers.

I'm also frustrated with Shopify Support right now, because they take 2-4 days to reply to each email (Support Inbox message), despite it saying "you will get a reply in 1 hour" - been saying it for 2.5 days now.


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