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I was looking to see what were the best ways to create a custom and personalized experience for customers before they reach checkout.


Before you can even shop, creatively force you to enter all your information so we can capture your contact information. Up to including your info. Making it very personalized.


Even without completing an order, if you don’t finalize everything we can send you a follow-up email, hours later and I thought that would be something very handy if we were able to do that on the front end.


The website that we were looking to go off of is 


Is there an app that does this or does this require a developer?

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"Forcing a customer to enter personal information" might impact your conversion. Some customers may not be keen to provide information before committing to buy or they may find this intrusive - potentially, you would lose these customers. If you meant that you would provide incentives, such as, discounts, for customer subscriptions, I think there are lot of apps that help with this.


If you are after a shipping rate app that automatically detects your customers location (country, city, zip code) and provide personalize shipping information, we might be able to help with our app, JsRates.

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Hey! Thank you for your reply. I understand that completely but the type of information that we want from the customer isn't their personal information.


It is information about their dog. How many dogs do they have? How big are they? Do you they have any health issues? Such questions like this so we can then recommend the correct product for them. I hope this helps explain the situation more. Thank you!