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Clothing and Fashion is the most popular industry in Shopify. According to statistics from Store Leads, the number of online businesses in this category makes up almost 30% of Shopify stores. Up to 80% of Boost Product Filter & Search users are selling apparel products. With the nature of having multiple product options and variants, the filter tree and the site search backed by our app have been helping these online businesses achieve massive sales. 


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On average, Product Filter & Search by Boost Commerce generated 24,350 orders over the last 6 months for a Shopify store in the Clothing and Fashion category.


In general, customers from this industry prefer Filter to Search when browsing for products they want to buy. In total, Product Filter & Search by Boost Commerce generated 24,350 orders for top-performing stores in the apparel over a 6-month period. The specific number for filter and search is 14,450 and 9,900 respectively. With the assistance of the Boost app, the highest number of orders a Shopify store achieved within our surveyed period is 349,692 for this industry.


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Our app offers a wide range of advanced features to optimize the filter and search of online stores. Among all, we found that most of the apparel stores favored Sort By Options, 95% of surveyed stores in this industry use it.


The next favorite features in the merchants' list are Synonyms and Merchandising Rules Nearly 46% and 40% of users respectively have some configurations for them. Product Visibility, Redirects, and Product Ranking shared the same usage percentage of around 30%. are the least popular among Clothing & Fashion stores with only 6.98% of them using it.


The most used filter options are Filter by size, tag, product type & option type, and price.


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