Code editor forcing cursor to beginning of file randomly

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I am experiencing this issue on chrome on a windows laptop. I included a screen recording of the issue. As you can see it is fairly cumbersome and unpredictable. Not sure which support channel to reach out to about this

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Are you having the Editor opened on multiple browser tabs? Does the issue happen on a specific theme?


You can notify Shopify Customer Support through this link and ask for a resolution.


Don't worry about the channel - I'm sure that your inquiry will be redirected to the correct department, in case the chosen category is not very accurate.




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Hello @MoreSecondsWeb 👋

I don't think this is a bug of Shopify. These are what actions you can take before reaching out to Shopify support:


- Make sure you don't have a key get stuck on your keyboard

- Try with a different browser to see if it works

- If it works on the other browser, try disabling some plugins in the current browser


If all of the above does not help, you can reach out to Shopify support team about this issue.


Hope it helps 👌

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@ZenoPageBuilder It's a Shopify bug (one more), indeed. I have the same problem and I don't even use Windows.

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Same problem here.
Never had this problem before, but since 2 weeks, it's horrible : every X seconds, the cursor go back to the start of the document I'm working on.

Same on Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Brave.
No key stuck.

This new code editor make me wanna die. The old one was so great...

Any solution here ? I can't work with such a bug. 

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I also have this problem. It's very annoying to be typing and it just updates itself somehow (probably internally) and sticks the cursor up in the very upper line of the document. It  doesn't refresh the page. It doesn't save the document. It just moves the cursor as if there is a focus call periodically firing on the backend that pulls the focus of the document up to the top. I've only noticed it recently (say this week) but it needs fixed because it interrupts the code i'm typing and I have to scroll back down while working on the backend. I'm not sure about any other places in shopify, just the code sections for sure do this.

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I've timed the blips and they have occurred only when i'm trying to type in the code sections. If i'm copying and pasting it doesn't seem to flick my mouse up. But this is the frequency by which i noted it over the past hour:


Is it a browser timing glitch? Not sure. Is it Shopify? Seems so. More data would be necessary to form a really strong assertion.

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Literally the most annoying encounter one could ever have with a code editor! Cursor keep flying back to stop when typing.

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I am also getting this error. Have tried using both Windows and Mac with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. It seems to happen most when the code editor starts to make suggestions. If I type slowly it doesn't seem to cause the issue.

I'm going to need to get dental work done with how much teeth grinding I'm doing.

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Same issue here. Doesn't matter which browser i use. Randomly cursor jumps to top... It's really annoying.

There is no reason that function should not be beautiful. In fact beauty usually makes it more effective.
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same here, at first I thought Im pressing PgUp key by accident but it happens so often that Im confident its a shopify bug. firefox 105.0.3 on windows 11