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I am making a store for a client using the DAWN version 9.0.0 theme and I am looking to make the desktop banner, become mobile size when on mobile, but stay desktop size when viewed on desktop. 

Here is an example to better explain what I mean: On another store we have made, using another theme (Showcase version 5.0.2) you can see that the desktop banner switch to mobile view when viewed from mobile view. However, this is integrated in this theme where we can add in 2 banner sizes (one for desktop one for mobile) - but DAWN does not have this "function" integrated. 

Is there any way to code this and how can we do that?

This is the store where I am looking to add the code (DAWN version 9.0.0): 
Password: theeld

The store to show you the example, please both view it on mobile and desktop to see what I mean: 

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Firstly, You will need to create a schema for mobile image. And then just add a image tag below the existing image tag.
And manage it by css

See This Example

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Thanks a lot for your reply! I am a total newbie with coding, how can I make schema and what is it? Where can I find the image tag? 

I would love to check out your example store, but it is password protected, if you can share I will check.