Code was embedded into a theme but I cant get rid of it. Help please

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I downloaded a trust icon app earlier and now for some reason, it has embedded some black icons onto my 'product page'. Even after Ive deleted the app, its still there but want it gone!


There isnt a way to select for example, its not a block or anything, it just sits on the page. There also isnt a way to delete the code for it on the edit code function under themes.

The only way I can see the code for it, is if I go onto the page itself, right click on the page and then inspect (code).


I can see where and what it is but theres no way of taking it off my there

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You should contact the app provider for help, or read their Uninstall document. Or after all, hire a developer to remove it 🙂 


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no password.


the image is of black payment icons i.e. visa/mastercard (this is located under the price and review stars on the right of the main image)


there is code for it on the page (right click the image, then left click on inspect), coming from a trust badge.

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@RumbleRo - did you add any code in product pages? did they give you any document about it? if you are not able to get rid of it then can you please share website link? I can send collab request to check it for you

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no i didnt amend any code.

an app called,

Trust Me ‑ The Trust Badge


it injected code into theme and cannot get rid of it!