Coding out a buybox section for landing pages.

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I am coding out a section with some buy boxes for upsells on a landing page. ( I am pretty intermediate at web dev but I would prefer to do as much as I can myself without hired help.)

I currently have a button set to a url - that url is linked over to a rebuy cart which will load the new cart for the user. I started to think there must be a smoother way to do this.

I was looking at other sites that have their coded and I believe they are using an add to cart action with their buttons. Ref here to show an example of someone's buybox:

buybox example.png


What would be the correct lines to enter in, if it even works, to have different add to carts for each product rendered?

Ideally I would like to write in the schema a section for the block to select the product, that would then render the product price, the product discounted price and then the add the cart button at the bottom when pressed would add that product to the cart.

Additionally because this is for a landing page, would there be a way to do this without having the products in the normal collection, should I create a sales collection for these products, and will I still be able to pull the information into the buy box?


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