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I am using minimal theme ( and I want to make all my collection list images on the main page the SAME size whether I have 4 across or 3 across. So I like th size of 4 across but when I only have 3 across the images go bigger. I would like them to be the same size as 4 across. I know I can edit one-third to one-quarter to change the size here: 

{% when 3 %}
{%- assign collection_item_width = 'medium-down--one-half one-third' -%}
{%- assign collection_width = 410 -%}
{% when 4 %}
{%- assign collection_item_width = 'medium-down--one-half one-quarter' -%}

...But then the 3 across are left aligned. I would like them to be centered. 


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I'm having the same issue. is there any way to center the collection images or make more images per collection?

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sorry for any issue can you please show me where it 

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