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Hi there,

I am trying to have a section on my homepage with a collection list with 3 collumns.

So I go on the edit and specify the 3 collumns but when I do the preview it remains with only 2.

What am I doing wrong? Why don't the changes apply to the theme?

Thanks for your help!


Theme: Dawn







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Hi @miltokas ,

This is what I see in your store:

view - 2024-03-12T100508.464.png

It looks like you have set the settings to your liking.

Regarding the issue of the preview not matching the settings, it is most likely because the website preview is too small so the 3rd column has a line break. Click the Full-screen button to expand the preview and check your settings as accurately as possible.

view - 2024-03-12T100543.698.png

Hope it helps @miltokas 

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