Collections / tag filtering hierarchy

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I am setting up a new website using the Brooklyn theme. On the collection pages I have enabled "tag filtering" which shows up as links underneath the header.

My issue is it shows all the collections/categories within that collection, there is no hierarchy going on.

Very basic example below, I have the following collections.

Fruit > Apples > Green

Fruit > Apples > Red

Fruit > Melons > Blue

Fruit > Melons > Pink

The fruit collection page tag filtering/links shows all of these collections, even the colours. I just want the next level down e.g. Apples and Melons to be shown on the fruit collection page.

Then on the Apples page, it should just show Green and Red.

How can I do this?

I am open changing the theme, or is there a around this with some custom code or a hopefully free app?