Concept Theme // Remove Video Controls

Concept Theme // Remove Video Controls

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Hello! Within the Concept Theme, I am incorporating video media on main pages as well as individual product pages. I have the theme settings set to auto play and looping for both general page media and product media. I am simply hoping to remove the video controls however. I am not terribly concerned with removing the controls for regular page videos, but I am concerned when it comes to product media.


When viewing a collection page, I am trying to incorporate a short 3 second video on a loop as the primary image for all products. The issue I am running into with collection pages is the video is paused and I am unable to find theme controls or settings that will enable auto play and looping (See image below). 


My next issue is when a single product page is opened when viewing on a mobile device, a darkened overlay with video controls pops up for approximately 3-5 seconds and then finally disappears (See image below). I am hoping to eliminate the overlay with controls.


Thank you!IMG_5671.jpgScreenshot 2024-06-18 145315.png

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