Contact Form on No Search Results Found Page

Contact Form on No Search Results Found Page

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I have added a contact form on my search page template below the search bar/results (warehouse/metal theme). I want to use that form to capture leads in case customers cannot find what they are looking for. However, as seen in the image, in case of no search results page, the search section "No results could be found search bar" takes up the whole page, and the contact form is not visible without scrolling down (not ideal for capturing forms). However, if I hide the search section in the template, search results are also hidden, even for relevant queries. Any way I can hide the search bar only for no search results page? or any other way of doing this?



Screenshot 2024-01-07 171056.pngScreenshot 2024-01-07 171142.png

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Hey! I'm trying to add a hyperlink for my store exactly like the "or click here to go back home" where there's no results but I want to add a hyperlink to my whatsapp. Can you kindly show me how you did that?