Controlling 'Background Subdued' Checkout Colour

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Theme: Dawn


Two client websites are having the same issue where the background of their transparent product image and the buttons on the cart page are turning to a random, bright yellow?


This variable seems to be the cause: 




background-color: var(--x-default-color-background-subdued);





Here's my code I'm trying to add to change it (added to base.css)




:root {
  --x-default-color-background-subdued): #fff;





 Thanks for you help.

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Hi, @pearlerwork.


please send a screenshot of which page issue.

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It's just the cart page. See attached:


Screen Shot 2023-11-10 at 10.00.19 am.pngScreen Shot 2023-11-10 at 10.00.29 am.png