Cookie Consent Banner on Every Page Even After Accept / Decline

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Hi there,

Is there is anyone to have the cookie consent banner not reappear after an option has been selected. For example you visit the page for the first time, click accept/decline, when you go to the next page it asks you the same question again. This is using Shopify's banner option not a plugin / app.

Is there any way so that once the visitor has moved on their decision has been accepted?

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards


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Yes, the accept/decline button is broken at the moment (we noticed this morning, but I think it started yesterday evening based on our analytics data). Some more details here, but the gist is that Shopify is working on fixing it but don't know when it will be done. You may consider raising a support a task about this too if you think that will make them prioritise this higher.