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Hey Shopify community,


Example of collection template I'd like to make changes to:

I am trying to copy the slideshow on our store's homepage over to a collection so that we can show more content on each collection rather than just a single banner. I've tried copying over the code from the homepage, but the text "This section doesn’t currently include any content. Add content to this section using the sidebar." appears at the top of the page. Unlike on the homepage, there is no option in the admin sidebar to add any images/content.


Curious what my best course of action is or if anyone here can help me implement. Is there a simple fix I'm missing? Do i just need to use/make different code for the slideshow then try to make it look similar in CSS?


Thanks in advance

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The theme architecture doesn't let sections share settings data between different template/resource types i.e a section configure on product page is separate from that section configured on a collection page.


The main way to get a "section" that does stay static across different parts of the website is by converting it to use global theme settings instead of section-specific-settings.

Basically taking everything at the end of that sections {% schema %} and shunting it over to config/settings_schema.json 

There's also making it a snippet instead of a section as part of this process if need be though note by doing that the ability is lost to use it as a dynamic section, i.e. using the visual editor to place it's position, unless you further wrap it in another custom section or the the gutted original section.


If you need this customization contact me at with this topic url, store url, theme and any relevant use case details.

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