Countdown Timer Code Help

Countdown Timer Code Help

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I have found the CSS code for a countdown timer to apply to the password page of my website. However, I am unsure where I input this code in Shopify. Would anyone be able to assist me with directing me with where to input a countdown timer code? Thanks!

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Hey @thankgodusa  I'm bulding an app for a counter timer, but you can just show me what type of timer you want, and I'll include it in the app for free, of course

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Hi @thankgodusa 

You can add from Online Store > Themes > Customize > click dropdown menu > Password.

Screenshot 2024-06-26 at 16.48.25.png

Click Add section in the left, select Custom Liquid, add code into Liquid and save your template Screenshot 2024-06-26 at 16.49.48.png


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