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I am using Dawn Theme and was wondering if there was a way to add a wishlist feature to my website without using an app. Ideally there would be with a heart icon next to account icon in the header section and on each product page, a customer would be able to add the product to their wishlist with a heart button of some sort. 

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Hi @Jaclyn2,

You can add it with Window localStorage it will help you to store value as handle or product id and then get it. Refer

It will be a complicated requirement and you need to hire an expert for it.

Or you can follow the instructions below:

Hope it helps!

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Check out this tutorial which will help you add Wishlist feature with the help of localstorage. Super easy to follow just copy and paste the instructions provided 

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How do you make the "Wishlist" page all capitalized? I went to pages and changed it to "WISHLIST" but it did not change. Is there a place in the code that I can change this?


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