Creating a dynamic link to a product that has a specific metafield

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I'm trying to create a button in my home page that link directly to a specific product page. But I'd like to make it update automatically, since this product in question is variable. I explain: the store will have some seasonal products from time to time, and every once in a while one (and just one) of them will be featured as a special product on the home page.


I was thinking of creating a true/false metafield for products, something like: Featured?

It could also be a Highlight/Featured collection, but I'd like the link to go to the product page, not the collection.


Any ideas?

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You want to update the metafield of product to make it featured product?


And that product CTA would be available at homepage?

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I'm not sure yet how (or if) I could use metafields for this. It seems that from the homepage I cannot call a product from a metafield, but rather call a metafield from a product page... I'm not sure if it really goes that way, but it looks like...


The idea is to have a CTA in Homepage that links to a dynamic product link, specified by something flexible (not it's link or name, but could be a meta field or being part of a collection).

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Hi @filipeoconde, looking for a solution to add a dynamic link to a product that has a specific meta field in Shopify? Watch this YouTube tutorial: