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I'm currently making a landing page for a product (an additional page, on top of the normal page that you can go to through the shop page) and I want to be able to have a "buy now" button directly on that page that redirects to checkout.
I've tried adding a new product template, but I'm really confused on how to set the add to cart button to add a specific product, especially as this is on a page, not a product template ( page.journal-landing-page.liquid ). The main reason is because I don't want the normal website header and footer on this page.
Right now, I have this:
{% form "product", product %}
<input type="submit" name="add" id="add" value="GET THE JOURNAL" class="purchase button" onclick="location.href='/cart';">
{% endform %}
But I'm getting this instead of the button: "Liquid error: product form must be given a product"
Please help!

 Hi @hedy

This is my recommendation for your question. You can change your code to:

<a href="/cart" class="purchase button" id="add">GET THE JOURNAL</a>

Please try this and let me know if you need further support from us.

Hope this helps! 

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Hi @LitExtension


Thank you for your response. The code still does not seem to work: I think the code you provided redirects to the cart, but since this button is going to be on a regular page (not a product page), it doesn't add anything to the cart. I need it to add a specific product to the cart when you push the button, so that's the part that I'm stuck on. 




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Hi @hedy

Can you please share with me your store URL? I will check it and figure out the solution for you! 

Have a great day! 

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Try using this code  {{ 'products.product.add_to_cart' | t }} on the onclick. Hope it works

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