Custom Code Integration on theme "Minimal"

Custom Code Integration on theme "Minimal"

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Hi, I sell fabric products and they can have different lengths since they're customizable and I'm looking for a custom code integration on my products page (I use the theme Minimal) that allows users to insert a desired length amount (numeric) and my product's price changes based on a specific rule for the number they insert.

It's REALLY URGENT, thanks in advance for your help! 🙂 

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Hi, @AR_10. Welcome to the Community!


A Shopify Expert should be able to help implement this customization. The Help Doc Hiring help will guide you through how to go about that. Otherwise, for immediate implementation, there is an app in the Shopify App Store that can integrate this feature on your store. It’s called Measurement Price Calculator, and it will enable you to sell by length. 


There’s a 5 day free trial on this app, so feel free to install it on your store to see if it works to your liking. (If you decide not to use it though, please remember to uninstall it before the free trial ends so that you aren’t charged for it). Please reach out to the app developer directly if you have specific questions about the app, need help with the setup or would just like to discuss it further. They will be your best resource to get the support you need with it. 


Hope this helps!

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